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Yue at Talks, Workshops, and Events 

Yue has spoken and done workshops on topics like breaking the bamboo ceiling, self-advocacy, executive presence and more with non-profits supporting women and AAPI, Tier-1 companies (e.g. Meta, Google, OpenAI, Thumbtack, Microsoft, Instacart), and venture firms. 

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I recently had an opportunity to sit down with @ Vidya Dinamani and @ Heather Samarin on the Product Rebels podcast. I share my journey in product leadership and my thoughts on essential skillsets for product leaders as well as advice for breaking through barriers in the corporate world.

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Self Advocacy in Senior Roles: Paving the Path to Leadership

With Reforge

It's performance review season, and here's a hard truth: the employees who did the best work or took one for the team aren't always the ones that get promoted. The people who do the most widely recognized impactful work, month over month, are. So how do you become a better self-advocate for your work if you feel shy about it or don’t want to brag? 

Breakthrough to the C-suite

With Coach Nancy Chu

  • How to effectively communicate at scale 

  • Imposter  syndrome and why we self-sabotage

  • How and why executives put companies first

  • How to look for an amazing coach

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Book Interview: The Uncommon Executive

With Sue on WiseTalk

  • How to adopt an executive mindset and develop skills that are critical for success

  • Ways to demonstrate executive potential and land stretch assignments

  • The challenges minorities face — overcoming biases and stereotypes, finding role models, and discovering superpowers

  • How to influence luck and create opportunities with sponsorship, networking, and making smart job changes

Job Search Advice from a Career Coach

With Paths to Product

I speak about important aspects of transitioning into product, and provide tips and tricks for planning your search, getting that interview, and more!

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Interest in hiring Yue for a Workshop or Speaking Engagement?

Topics I speak about: 

* How to find your superpower and where it is most valued

* What is an executive mindset and how it gets you promoted

* Overcoming stereotypes and challenges as a minority leader

* Why peer relationships are critical to director + promotions

* How do build capacity and avoid burnout while going for a promotion


Target audience: Sr managers to VP, Women and Minorities, Tech and Tech adjacent organizations, venture firms.


Typical format: Virtual, 60 min workshop or 20 min keynote


Past (current) clients: Instacart, OpenAI, Thumbtack, PayPal, Braze, Meta, SurveyMonkey, Google, MSFT, Slack, Guild, and more!

Cost model: Book purchase plus engagement fees. $700 starting. Negotiable for non-profits and communities.

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