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About Me

Growing up in Palo Alto and the Bay Area, Yue has her roots as a scientist and engineer, studying biomedical engineering at UC Berkeley before joining McKinsey serving technology clients. After Harvard Business School, she carved out a path as a founder, product manager, and C-level executive at high-growth startups.

Yue was the first product manager at Thumbtack, a home services marketplace, where she worked alongside the founders to build and scale a technology leader valued at $3.2B and a 1,000+ strong team backed by Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global, and Capital G. Then, at Fuzzy Pet Health, she was CTO and CPO, helping the team find PMF for its telehealth offering and reach EBITDA positive within 6 months.

As an executive career coach and advisor, Yue brings a vast network that includes many of the Valley’s most influential leaders and operators. She has seen product teams at scale at Meta, where she led product at Instagram and Messenger, and developed SMB and Creator ads strategies accounting for ~XX% of FB revenue. Her network in the product space, in particular, adds a new dimension to LifeX's team of ex-founders and operators.

With her scientific background, deep operating expertise, investor experience, and extensive network in the tech ecosystem, you’d have a hard time finding anyone better positioned to support the next generation of CEOs and founders to find product market fit and beyond. 

More About Me

How did you decide to become a coach?


I have been coaching and mentoring since 2016. As I grew in my career, it became more and more difficult for me to find role models, and my coaches were critical in getting me to my Chief Product Officer role. I saw the impact that coaching can have in changing people's career trajectories and decided to become one.


What do you wish you knew when you were younger?

I grew up in an environment where I was constantly told "no" or to "fit in" or to "behave" or else bad things would happen (e.g. I would get punished, I wouldn't have a job, I would end up in the street). I would now tell my younger self that life has a way of presenting opportunities to people who strive and work hard for what they want to do, and that in the end, everything will be okay.


Have you experienced negativity as an Asian Female Leader?

Many Asian females are prototyped as quiet and diligent, but not leaders. I help people find their voice, their confidence, and their ideas, and then coach them on how to build relationships and executive presence within the organization.”


What's your typical morning routine?

I go to the gym for 45 min every morning. I also do pottery two mornings a week for 2 hours. It helps me get in touch with my feelings (and their physical manifestations) and helps me re-center.”


Ready to accelerate your career?

Let's connect and talk about how coaching works and whether I am the right coach to partner with you through the next steps of your career.

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