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Leadership Coaching Cohorts

My Leadership Coaching Circles are tailored to empower aspiring executives at every stage. Here, each member finds their community, accountability partner, and personal board of directors. I foster growth and learning in a safe and inclusive environment.

How It Works

My Leadership Coaching Circles brings together aspiring executives across multiple industries (e.g. digital health, fintech, consumer, marketplaces, Saas/B2B) and functions (e.g. design, engineering, PM, program mgmt, marketing, client success) together to support each other’s development.

We will work together in small groups (less than 5) to set goals, solve problems, and improve specific skills. Each session will be structured to engage in dialogue, active listening, and mutual support in a confidential space. We will meet weekly to actively engage in conversations, share perspectives, and provide feedback.

Cohorts are designed for those in the mid to senior leadership level (e.g. Senior Manager, Director, Group PM, Head of), with around 4-8 years of work experience. I also build cohorts with people of different industries and backgrounds together to provide diverse perspectives. 

Small groups of up

to 5 peers

One hour per week for

8 weeks

Cost of Program:


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Circle Topics

My circles will focus on accelerating the careers of high-potential leaders who are ready to take on that next level (or have aspirations but want a little nudge and capacity-building tips). Together, based on group preference, we will work on topics such as:

  • Building your executive presence and advocating for your personal brand

  • Increasing your influence across the organization, particularly with peers and teams you do not work with directly

  • Identifying and overcoming implicit biases that women and minorities face

  • Building capacity to do the stretch work while avoiding burnout

  • Finding role models when there aren’t many women like you at the top

  • How to identify and land senior sponsors within and outside of your organization

  • Navigating your own balance of family, career, and self-care


We will build time for broad frameworks and suggestions and focus on individual needs from week to week. We will also adapt our topics based on progress throughout the program to ensure we make the best use of everyone’s valuable time!

Apply Now to Reserve Your Spot

Apr and May cohorts are full. Fill out an application now for future cohorts starting in July and Sep!


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